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The English Football League (EFL) run a number of junior events including junior futsal events for community clubs around England and Wales. These are split in to girls and boys groups and leagues with the finals of each league taking place in Birmingham at the end of the season.


The need

The English Football League needed our expertise in running their end of season finals in Birmingham, social media management, event management and collecting scores and results for the website.


Our help

We have experience in running sporting events as well as social media management for a number of businesses around the country, with our help the EFL were able to deliver the event at the International Futsal Arena in Birmingham, we managed their social media accounts to keep their audience up to speed with live tweets for results, team photos and a few replays of some cracking goals.

Along with this, we put together a press release for the end of each day for the finals and assisted in replying to every tweet in the evenings once the event had finished.

The result

A professional social media management of the event, as well as the event management itself and managing the press releases we delivered on time and to standard at a fast paced event. Managing a number of objectives and accounts at the same time while still maintaining the EFL has set with its previous events.

Here’s what EFL had to say

 The ELF were very pleased with our work at the Cup finals in Derby we were invited to the Birmingham League Finals to manage the event and social media, the event was a massive success with over 400 boys and girls playing futsal over the 4 day event.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with the EFL and wish them all the best with their future futsal events.

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