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Snapchat Spectacles here we come!

So Snapchat is to become snap, dropping the chat and giving us a new set of funky sunglasses. Will it be another Google Glass and flop, we don’t think so and we can’t wait to snap snap snap and snap some more when they come out.

The Snap specs are set to be around $130 (US) and they can record video and take pictures and the click of a button, perfect if your on Aberystwyth beach on a sunny day and want to record that perfect moment with friends.

“Imagine one of your favourite memories,” the Venice, California, company said in a news release. “What if you could go back and see that memory the way you experienced it? That’s why we built Spectacles.”

Will Snap be a success venturing into hardware? With over 150 million daily users and 1 billion snaps being send every day we think this could rocket, and fast!

What will this do for businesses using Snapchat? Are you tempted in to using it to engage with your audience? Let us know if we can help you add this to your marketing plan.

Who knows we may see you in Cardiff Bay or in sunny Aberystwyth posing for a quick snap.

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