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Reactive Social Media Marketing, at its BEST!

A busy and popular gym closes in Cardiff, not great news for members but fantastic news for other gyms in the Cardiff area and their reaction was on point!

We all look at our competitors in business, we look for ideas, gaps in the market, what's been done correctly and what's not working. No different when you're a gym and there are a load of gyms in the Cardiff area; some specialist gyms, some all round gyms, some clean and some not so clean.

But when a large gym in an area closes unexpectedly one morning, boom! Out came the Facebook ads prompting gym membership from other gyms in the area, we thought it was quick and sharp and first on the list of gyms to react were Ufit.

The sponsored ad not only gave reference to the closed gym, it put an arm around the now gymless members and offered them a way around loosing their daily routine of pumping iron or pounding the treadmill.

A few other gyms followed suit too and our Facebook feed has seen a number of extra sponsored ads appearing promoting membership, well done gyms, smart, fast and reactive marketing right there!

Below are some other gym sponsored social media adverts in Cardiff.

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