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Snapchat/Instagram - What's the difference in 2017?

That is the question.. We have met countless businesses in Aberystwyth and Cardiff recently talking about social media marketing and our social media management service and been asked one big question by most. Should I be on Instagram and Snapchat?

The follow up question is normally...

"But which one? What's the difference?"

Instagram has copied Snapchat with so many features in 2016, it’s an obvious ploy to poach the Snapchat users.

In 2017, apart from some small differences, the two platforms are very, very similar. So much so, that many marketing agencies like us and business owners like you are wondering which of the two would be a better option for them?

Snapchat appeals to younger audiences and is seen by many still as ‘selfie app’, but this could be changing soon. Instagram is much bigger, new features updated weekly to make it more engaging, it’s growing faster than ever, and it offers most of the decent features that Snapchat does (minus the geofilter, that’s an idea Instagram?).

So if you can do pretty much the same on both, what’s the point in Snapchat? I think it still has appeal but for businesses, especially smaller ones it will take some time to catch up with Instagram in the small business world.

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