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What not to do on your website

We have so many clients and non clients approach us asking to audit their current website, some have a website that is about 10 years old and needs a new lease of life others just need to tweak their current site in design or content.

Offering advice to anyone to improve their website is a very one to one and tailored project but here are some mistakes people make that you may want to change on your website to take it to the next level.

Too many different fonts... No brand guidelines = no identity over all your marketing material. Know your brand, know your brand font or fonts, try and limit it to two or three but never any more.

Don't overuse keywords, we tell all our clients and anyone we give advise too on websites to do their research. keyword research especially to better improve your google ranking. But if you go overboard, google will fish that out and you'll be demoted down the pages, your content is read by humans so speak to them like humans.

Don't rely on stock images and if you have your own images then make sure they're good! Websites in 2016 and now 2017 are ALL about imagery so yours needs to be the best to stand out. Hire a photographer, purchase a quality camera and get yourself some great images; not only for your website but these can then be used in your marketing material both printed and digital media on your social media too.

They are some quick tips for you, if you need a website audit then please let us know and we would be happy to help. Don't just settle for an mediocre website, get the best you can.

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