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Snapchat update for infinity posts

Who else is using Snapchat for their business? Many of our clients are still using it even though Facebook and Instagram are following their every move... now Snapchat has hit back with infinity snaps.

Snapchat was originally conceived as a way to send images that would self-destruct a few moments after they had been viewed. The early users were young adults sending not so appropriate images of themselves, but businesses soon started using the platform for their own benefit.

After being chased down by Instagram and Facebook the latest update to Snapchat will turn the idea of ephemeral posts on its head, by allowing people to post images and video without a time limit.

The app's new Infinity feature lets users add 'limitless snaps' and 'looping videos' for the first time, the posts will still be deleted after viewing is complete unless they are saved as stories or memories.

The update also includes a new Magic Eraser tool which will enable users to edit and remove objects and imperfections from images before sharing them.

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