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QR Codes are coming back (we did tell you)

We love the idea of QR codes, you know those little boxes of millions of squares to make unique images that direct you to your chosen URL. Well if you didn't know what they were then you do now and we are sure you've seen them around.

Some use them in their marketing content in print and online, they are used to make life easier to find specific links but it was always a fuss because you had to download an app, take a pic of the code and then find the URL. A tedious process that required you to unlock your phone and take as many as 6 steps before you reach your destination.

If you have spoken to us over the last 2 years we have said that QR codes won't break into mainstream marketing until it is built in to the every Apple and Android phone natively in the camera. Well now iOS 11 is doing just that!! Huurraaahhhhh

We can't wait for iOS 11 to launch now, watch out for QR codes popping up in 'photo active' places, on more and more pop up banners and in store fronts as well as big screens. Where will you use QR codes? If you need help with any print or digital marketing material do let us know.

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