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  • Damian Burgess

What about your competition?

It's Friday morning, and before I head off to a meeting I take a look at my social media analytics, I try and do this detailed look every week but haven't seen the stats in detail for over 10 days now.... It's good news, all the stats are green, we're up on interaction and engagement and our video views are up too, that and a couple of extra likes and followers.

One thing I do look at when I'm on the Red Squirrel Marketing Facebook business page analytics is 'Pages to Watch', a great little feature to either keep an eye on the pages you manage or a nice way of keeping an eye on competition.

I use it to follow influences in the industry and follow some of our competitors, it's great to see what they are talking about or to have a look at the great work they are sharing. It's also good to see what sort of posts are getting good engagement like comments, likes and shares.

I spend all of 5 minutes a week looking at my competition, maybe it's not long enough, maybe e it's too much but unless there's something WOW going on I don't see much point dwelling too much.

One or two of my competitors share their own blog posts too, like with this blog they share tips and tricks and talk about recent projects as well as the latest news in the industry. What I have noticed recently is a few blog posts from different businesses bashing their competition, calling them out (sometimes comparing them to a long bodied marine fish) in a very one sided argument that gives false info to the reader. This isn't something I ever advise a client use their blog for, if it doesn't educate, entertain or inform you then don't post it.

Social media is a great platform to shout about your businesses, your knowledge and skills, your product and services but don't fall in to the trap of bashing other businesses from your own business account or on your blog. In my opinion it doesn't look good, isn't professional and just comes across like sour grapes, don't be left 'out of sync' and concentrate on providing a great service to your clients.

Have a great Friday ya'll!!!

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