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Marketing in the tourism industry

Making the final touches to a travel business website this week for a client in Aberystwyth, the images we are working with on this website are breathtaking and are from all over the world!! It isn't all about pretty pictures though...

When marketing in the tourism industry it is vital that you are the expert in what you sell but also that you understand that you're selling not just a holiday but a whole new experience to the customer.

Your website is a 24/7 shop window but you will need to grab potential customers attention in seconds with images, video, blogs and vlogs to even stand a chance of them booking. You will need reviews and testimonials (video are a good shout) and even user generated content.

All this is needed as well as a seamless user experience on your website on both desktop and mobile, there's nothing worse than landing on a website and feeling lost. (it's the quickest way of saying Au Revoir to the user)

Pic above from the website ( with permission of The Cambrian Son Hotel in Adelboden, Switzerland

These are just a few quick tips but each and every hotel or travel operator should have a clear marketing plan that is unique to them and their area. If you are in the tourism industry and want to discuss your marketing or website and maybe how we could help you then just get in touch. ✈️🛳️🚋🚗🗻🏕️🏖️

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