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Some Facebook page tips for you

Facebook is going through some changes, there are some big changes due in January and February 2018 and these will effect how we use Facebook for business. It's no more free and easy reach I'm afraid.. paying to play will be the norm for publishers and pages but that's cool, here are some tips for you to keep the page or pages ticking over nicely.

1 - Post less. May sound odd but posting less of the time and curating your content better will be the way forward. Your reach on these posts should remain pretty consistent if the quality and engagement remains good, if you're one of the lucky pages that has loads of likes and shares on every post then stick to posting every day or more than once a day.

2 - Facebook ads. This brings us to the next tip, use Facebook ads; not just boosting a post we want you to go deep in to Facebook ads. This gives you the opportunity to create ads and offers that will reach thousands of people but won't appear on your page wall. Targeting the correct age group, location etc will help more of the relevant people see your posts too and maybe attract more leads or customers to your website.

3 - Try Video. This is a double tip, first try video then if that works then try LIVE! Facebook loves video posted directly to its platform and it loves it even more when you LIVE video. Video isn't for everyone though, so maybe try animated videos or some quick and easy how to videos. The rise of LIVE video is great but that doesn't mean you must go LIVE, we have seen a few videos recently that would probably be best recorded, edited then posted. Remember that Facebook LIVE is LIVE, anything can happen so prepare your surroundings and your script or questions etc

4 - Reply to comments. This sounds easy, somebody comments on your post and you reply. But so many business pages are just posting their content and doing nothing with the replies, what??? We work with a number of businesses running their facebook pages, some of the questions or comments posted to the content we have posted can easily be answered by us or the business owner. Keep on top of all your comments with the pages manager app for facebook business pages, even the negative comments need replies remember.

5 - Remarket your posts. Yes if you have a very popular and evergreen post then post it again, not in a few days but in a few months. It might be a blog post, an award you've won etc. A good way of recycling good content is to share on a Throwback Thursday, if that post proves popular again then maybe boost it too.

6 - Facebook groups. Now with the imminent changes to Facebook and reach isn't time you created a group linked to your page, you can keep the group secret or private and only accept certain people in the group, maybe your customers, members only if you're a gym. By creating a group you encourage discussion and customers may feel more at ease in sharing their thoughts or experiences with you. Plus another benefit with a group is that it can send push notifications to the group members when new content its posted, winner winner!!!

If you need any help with your social media marketing just get in touch.

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