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Bring on 2018!!

You may have seen our posts on Facebook, or our tweets on Twitter, maybe a photo on Instagram or read a blog post on our website; whichever way you’ve found your way here. Thanks for visiting.

We’re a small team of graphic designers, marketing managers, website builders, video editors and social media experts ready to help your business grow. Headed up by me, Damian Burgess, you’ll find me most days managing social media accounts, designing marketing material or designing websites.

Other days you’ll find me in various coffee shops in Cardiff or Aberystwyth meeting business owners to discuss and help with their marketing strategy or coming up with ideas for campaigns.

In 2018 we aim to help more businesses with their marketing, digital and print as well help businesses with their new or existing website, social media campaigns, video marketing and graphic design.

We're already deep into campaigns and projects that are launching early 2018, we can't wait to share all the work we've been doing and launching more websites.

If your business needs our help or just a fresh set of eyes to see what else you could achieve with your brand then drop us a message or email us today.

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