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What now for your Facebook page?

We have been flooded with questions regarding the new change to Facebook and what it means for Facebook pages, the businesses that run them and fellow Social Media managers.

Social media managers are going to spend a lot less time focusing on their Facebook Business Page this year, instead building communities via Facebook Groups and focusing everything on engagement.

The news last week doesn't mean we are all jumping the Facebook ship, just steering the ship differently. Whats app and Facebook messenger will be vital for businesses and publishers, linking you direct with the end user and creating one on one interactions rather than one to many.

Have you used Facebook ads yet? Well you're going to have to now, we manage a number business Facebook ad accounts and we are happy to help get you started too.

Facebook has been great for Business pages, posting updates for free and reaching hundreds or thousands of users, but so many publishers and social media managers have been lazy. Hopefully now with this new shift, we will see less of the rubbish, more of what we want to see and any adverts will be better tailored to us (fingers crossed).

If you need any help with you social media for business please get in touch with us.

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