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  • Damian Burgess

Why I'm nutsabout Twitter

It's great to work with all various size businesses to promote their products or services, in Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Swansea and further. Using their website, marketing material, video marketing and of course a sprinkle of social media.

Before the end of 2017, Facebook was the go to place for businesses on set up, they would have a business name, a logo, a website (maybe) and of course a Facebook page! We have always advocated Twitter as a profile to set up from the get go as well as Instagram and LinkedIn if you have the time to manage all of them.

Many ask me why do you like Twitter so much? Why do you use it so much? Isn't just a messy micro blogging site for Presidents and people complaining? Well yes it is both of those but it's also something more than that, 280 characters more than that. I have won business off the back of using Twitter and found other business opportunities through the conversations on I've had using Twitter.

Look at Facebook and LinkedIn, they are your shop fronts in the real world, physical locations, in a set place where people have to find you. What makes it worse for your Facebook page is that sadly your shop front isn't just stuck in one place, it's hidden behind most other shops (other pages), and they are hidden behind real people (friends and family on your timeline) and hundreds of photos of cats and dogs.

When you look at Twitter, that's your guy or girl our on the street giving out flyers, or free samples or just coming to your office and talking to you, it's the hunter amongst the social networks. You can go out and actually find who you want to speak to, and speak to them, you can be social with pretty much anyone on Twitter.

Another thing, as well as going out to find people and speak to them, Twitter will send them a lovely push notification to tell them about your interactions with them. Now I'm not saying to go and make a conversation with everyone or tag as many people as you can in all your photos, don't be spammy; act like you were in a real room, with real people and converse with users on Twitter in the same way; be genuine.

All that being said Facebook is one of the best places to target anyone who you want with Facebook ads, it's also still pretty good value for money, something I don't see on Twitter, but for actual social interactions, Twitter is my number 1!

If you need help with your social media marketing, social media advertising or maybe a creative idea here or there to breath new life into your social, get in touch -

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