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Simple but the best

We see billboards, roadsigns and other marketing material every day, like nearly all of the time there is always an advert somewhere. But which ones stand out, and which ones do we act on or even remember? Probably very few, but some do hit you and make you go wow.

For me as a marketing consultant and a graphic designer, the best best designs or marketing always make me think "why didn't I just think of that?". I love minimalist designs and if you can say something without clutter and with few words then you're on to a good one.

There aren't many logos in the world more recognisable than that of McDonalds, so what do you do when asked to create some unique billboards advertising one of the worlds biggest brands? You remove the logo of course...

This is where the latest McDonalds marketing billboards score a perfect 10 for me, who would have thought you could create directional signs from parts of the logo, well the Agency Cossettes did and they have nailed it!

Look at these billboards in Toronto, easy on the eye, minimalist in design and using only two or three words are clean and crisp. Not only that but they are easily adapted for international use in any language you want.

Hats off to this campaign that hasn't only turned heads in Toronto but also all over the web.

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