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Give me more Insta fans!!

It's the dream of any social media manager or social media agency to have a successful social campaign which turns lookers in to bookers, fans in to customers and a positive ROI for the client or business.. but after every campaign I hear the same questions from people, how many extra fans do we have or how many more likes do we have?

On Facebook and Twitter, the 'fake fan" or 'bought like' is common to see, tens of thousands; maybe a hundred thousand followers or likes? But why? What good is having 100k followers on twitter but none of them interact with you, why have 10k likes on your facebook page when only 100 people see every post? It's vanity!

Facebook and twitter have no extra benefits to extra fans.. BUT, Instagram does.. Instagram has a swipe up feature for it's stories and it allows you to add links to your website or blog straight in to your story.

Now I'm not saying to go out and purchase 10k followers on Instagram but it's hard not to look at a £20 - £50 spend on bought followers for the benefit you could add a link direct to your product or service you sell and create story like deals that only last 24 hours.

I have purchased 11k followers on Instagram and have received over 500 clicks through from Instagram stories to the website, even had two potential clients come through my Instagram story to read my blog and then set up a meeting.

Now if you can reach 10k fans organically then amazing and a top effort, make sure you use the features made available to you and add kore stories to your plan, tag locations and now tag other users too to share the love.

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