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Life as a freelance

Love Monday?? I do!!! Working freelance and going it alone was one of the best desicions I made nearly 3 years ago, I had always thought about it but never though it would be a reality. I started Red Squirrel Marketing as a side project, it was made to give me a brand name rather than Damian Burgess the freelancer and it worked.

Many businesses contact me every week, asking to speak to someone in the Social media department, or to speak to my website designer.. some are surprised to hear that it's just me at the wheel working from my home office in Cardiff Bay or my second home office in Aberystwyth.

My very (over) active use of social media and the work I've done with some large national and international clients fuels the fire when potential clients think Red Squirrel Marketing is a larger business than just me. When I let people know it is just me, some it's won them over, with others it's made them try and drive down the price of a project and others I've lost out on because they think I'm not enough to help their business.

Working from your home office (offices) has some pretty epic benefits but also has the occasional downside, the main downside is the isolation from any team around you like in a normal office. The ways around this for me are co working with other creatives on various projects but also taking time out to have a coffee in Cardiff Bay, the City centre or when in Aberystwyth at one of the many coffee shops the town has.

If you're thinking of going freelance or starting a business, GO FOR IT!!! My only advice would be to take it slow to start, build it up gently and be the best at what you do, but most of all; enjoy it!

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