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How much is your logo worth?

Since the start of 2018 we have received no less than 20 enquires regarding creating a logo or a brand for a business, some have been brand new businesses and others need to freshen up their current look.

The first, and sometimes most important question we get asked is "how much will a basic design cost?"

A fair enough question and as we do work with a number of small to medium size businesses who's budget isn't endless and saving money where possible is key. The honest answer to the question depends on a few variables but it always comes down to how long will the logo take to create and how many revisions are wanted / needed to make it perfect.

You could pay £15 for a logo online, one of our current clients did that but after meeting with them the first time we noticed their logo was the same as a few logos we had seen around. The problem with cheap online logos is that they are sold to anyone and everyone so not really unique to you.

Just remember your logo is your brand, it will be on every piece of marketing forever, it may be on the side of vans, on shop fronts, on pieces of clothing or packaging. Your logo will be used on everything so it has to be perfect, paying anything from £250 and up for a logo isn't cheap but believe me it is worth it when it comes to having something that is unique, is yours and is future proof.

Our process..

The client will provide a brief of what they want in the logo, the better the brief and the more detail in the brief the cheaper the logo could possibly be as revisions would be less.

We start with the research, we look at your competitors logos, their colours, your chosen colours and what they mean to you. We create a type of mood board to see different shapes and colours together and how well they work as one logo.

Four logos are created, these are draft logos and feedback is received on the preferred choice and what changes need to be made to this logo to make it perfect.

Colours, shapes and placement may be changed at this initial stage and all options will then be sent to the client, again feedback is received and further changes made if needed.

Now we have the almost final logo complete, once this has been signed off we add this logo to some mock up business cards, pull up banners and other stationary so that the client can see the logo as it would look in the real world, this really helps to bring the logo to life without having to print anything.

When the client is 100% happy the logo / branding project is complete, we often add design elements that come from the logo and can be used on other marketing material or online to carry the brand through consistently. Having brand guidelines laid out is great for keeping continuity but isn't essential for every business, we have created brand guidelines in the past for large businesses.

If you need a brand uplift or you're a new business and want to talk about your business or brand and how we can help you then get in touch.

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