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Branding the Bristol Bears

You may know them as Bristol Rugby, or maybe Bristol Shoguns as they were known in the early 2000's, but now you'll know them as the Bristol Bears.. until they go back to Bristol Rugby maybe? (we like the new look btw and hats off to the team behind the rebrand)

Most rebrands these days come with fan uproar, a slight tweak in some logos go unnoticed but when Leeds made the error of trying to change their badge to the hug disappointment of the fans you would think other sports franchises would have a long think before such a bold move.

From June 1st Bristol Rugby will be Bristol Bears, one former player said “Let’s hope it’s a grizzly and not a teddy.”

We like the new look, it's modern and should work in creating an interest in the club and brand, fans maybe apprehensive of the change for now but it will grow on most and hopefully it will stick.

What do you think about the name change and rebrand? Is your business thinking of a rebrand and are unsure of which direction to take? Get in touch with us today

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