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Managing your Facebook Page

Many businesses that I speak to every week in Cardiff or Aberystwyth have their social media accounts set up and ready, but they are either lost with what to post, type of content to share or how much to post.

The first place they venture when setting up their social media channels is Facebook, creating a page, adding their logo and little description and then sharing their first post. After that, some more posts follow they invite their friends and family, 50 or so followers appear on their page and they are ready to sell their product or service.

Problem with most pages is that's how far they go, they then forget about the page, don't share any updates and leave the page info to be become out of date. What a waste!

(Image above, our help with a small business to grow their social media reach)

Now bringing in a marketing agency (here above are some stats from a clients page after 8 weeks of management with Red Squirrel Marketing) to help you with your social media page and other social media platforms sounds good, if the price is right of course, but there is so much you can do for yourself before you call on the pros.

1. Keep details up to date on your page, address, website and numbers

2. Update posts as regular as you can (once a week or 10 days at least)

3. Engage with your customers, reply to comments and message

There's three tips for you to get started or to get you back on track with your facebook page. Need any more tips? Email

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