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Marketing in a competitive market

Whatever market your business trades, it's usually competitive, sometimes very competitive. Take marketing for instance, a very competitive market in my opinion but I have always said there is more than enough business to go around.

I have recently worked with two photography businesses (both focusing on weddings) and it seems a difficult market to crack, so much of the business it seems is done through referrals it can be tough to crack the market, especially when the business is new or unknown.

For the new photography business I have worked with it has been about getting their message out to the public and getting more eyeballs on their website and their work, after all a photographer is only as good as their photographs.

Second then is getting this business in front of people, tough to stand out at a wedding fair so I have given them the advice (and I'm giving it to you now too, a little freebee) to go and approach wedding dress stores and wedding suit stores and offer to do free photoshoots for their business. In turn they will be recommended to customers coming in to the store or stores and pick up potential business.

Now all you need to make sure of is that your service and end product is top notch, photography looks like a tough market to crack but it can be done.

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