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Want to be more organic

How is your organic reach doing? Pretty shit? Yep that's the answer 80% of people we speak to say, others say it's ok and very few have a a good or great organic reach.

So from the businesses and pages we work with, here are some tips for you to get a better organic reach from your business profiles on social media.

Be authentic - by that I mean don't just sell yourself and your business and every given opportunity. Selling on every post isn't fun for anyone, so think of it like having a conversation with a person for the first time. Introduce your brand, remember some may be seeing your brand and the post for the first time. Tell the story of the business or you, doing this creates a more three dimensional view of the brand and gives them a reason to be interested.

Your audience - do you know who they are? Now facebook business pages has great insights for you to delve deep into who your audience is. Are they male or female, old or young, do they speak Welsh etc etc. All this allows you to tailor your posts to suit your audience and hopefully from there receive better engagement and then reach.

Be consistent - there's nothing worse than seeing a page post three or four times in one day then not post for weeks. With twitter you can get away with posting several times a day but with Facebook less is more, believe me posts on pages are fine but 2 times a week is fine for most pages. That doesn't mean you have to remain silent the rest of the time.. use facebook ads of course.

Just three tips for now... more to follow soon

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