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A new look for FA Wales

Brands and businesses always go through faces or rebrands and changes to the way they look all the time without many people noticing, but when it happens to a sports team and especially a national sports team, everyone has something to say.

We are a passionate bunch here in Wales and we love our sports teams, we back them through thick and thin and come out in our droves to support the men and women who wear the Three Feathers or Welsh Dragon on their chest.

But this week the Welsh FA have ruffled some feathers with the release of their new brand identity, the new logo and brand below will be used on all their new kit from October / November and all other communication material.

Just taking a look on Twitter and it seems not many or any of the fans actually like it, most have pointed out the error in which way the dragon is facing, this was evident on the last logo too but isn't usually facing left (or west) Also is the omission of the Welsh language , since 1951 we have carried the words Gorau Chwarau Cyd Chwarae on our shirts but this will now sit on the rear of the shirt.

There is also a new typeface too that you will see all over the Cardiff City Stadium for the upcoming Euro qualifiers later in the year.

So what do you think of the re brand? Was it needed?

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