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Is your marketing STILL shit?

Ok so shit may be harsh, is your marketing boring? Is it stale or tedious and dull? Basically is your marketing shit and nobody wants your product or service?? We wrote about this in 2020 and had so much feedback, many of you got in touch and said you had re evaluated your marketing as a result of our blog. So check it out below.... Is your marketing shit?

Many of you will privately say YES, but you wont do anything about it and you'll continue to send out a bland and boring message, achieve the same results and carry on.

For those that have said YES but want to act on it, great! Go do it and disrupt your industry, go stir things up, change up your marketing and maybe reach new and more business along the way. obviously if you want our help let us know ;) If you're not sure if your marketing is shit, or maybe you're offended that someone would even suggest it; just step back from your business and look at it from an outsiders point of view. Look at how you are currently marketing your business, does it all line up? Are you still sending out the right message? Is your website up to date? Look at your marketing channels. - Are you still emailing your mailing list? If you are, how is it working for you? Are you given those few people that open and read the email any value? - Are you on social media? Is every channel on social being used correctly, are you keeping your audience up to date, and again are you giving them any value? - When did you last check your website? All the pages still relevant? Your services still the same, your menu still up to date and is everyone on your staff page still at the business - Are you getting any business from your marketing efforts? You either spend hours of your own time marketing or your paying someone to marketing for you so is it bringing in any business? Might sound stupid but if you're getting all your business from word of mouth, what is marketing doing for you? So, is your marketing shit?

If it is, get in touch with us, we'll help you sort that out straight away. New ideas, new creative or help managing your marketing channels.


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