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Self employed on lockdown

These unprecedented times, everything seems to be on hold because of COVID 19 / Coronavirus and there's nothing you can do about it. We're staying at home here in Wales which isn't much of a change to the normal life of a freelancer / self employed person who works from home.

The biggest change is the amount of work (or lack of) with some clients cancelling instantly or pausing current work until things settle down. Sadly this isn't going to be a few weeks and everything is fine again, this is going to be months, months of uncertainty and months of trying our best to work on whatever projects come in.

Having clients in the leisure industry, tourism as well as restaurants and take away chains, these places have shut down and marketing is the last thing on some of their mind. I don't blame them, there's so many people who don't know what is happening or what is going to happen, small businesses aren't sure if they can pay their staff, the self employed are wondering where their next payment is coming from. And we all have big bills to pay every month.

My priority right now is health, not just mine but anyone and everyone else around me, that's why I'm staying home as much as possible. Second priority, it's going to be rebuilding the business I have, it won't be easy but I have plenty of free time right now to plan and then execute when the time is right.

Stay safe everyone.


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