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Virtual reality, 360 Video Marketing and video editing for your business, South Wales to West Wales, Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Newport and Swansea




360 Video to elevate your business in Cardiff, Swansea and Aberystwyth


360˚ video is here and is one of the most entertaining ways to engage with audiences whether your B2B or B2C. The development of 360˚ video players on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube makes it even easier to share videos on social media. We plan, create, film and produce 360 video ready for you, what are you going to show off with your new 360˚ content. We have the creativity and technical know-how to produce knock-out 360 video that will WOW you or your client. (Not to mention a reasonable rate)


In addition to 360 video editing, our services encompass subtitling, sound design and mixing, graphic design, motion graphics, online colour grading, compression, conversion, encoding, sound design and mixing, voice over recording etc. The quality of 360 video is fantastic, it's the perfect tool for expanding your video marketing.


We've seen a huge interest from tourism companies, event and venue hire, sports and gyms not to mention the obvious business it's perfectly designed for...Estate Agencies! 360 video lends itself perfectly to showing people around a potential new home or to bring some reality behind your brand by showcasing your offices or at a national sports event like rugby that you're sponsoring.


Our editing suites are set up, proved and ready to go to deliver in any format you need and quick turn around are our speciality. Get in touch for a quote now.


Our video editing and post production approach

We bring a keen eye, years of experience and a cost effective approach to every video editing project around our Cardiff and Aberystwyth suites. We ensure the highest quality of finish for our clients’ needs.


Our state of the art editing facility in Cardiff ensures we achieve the highest quality of finish for our clients’ needs - be they corporate video DVD's or HD broadcast TV programmes.


Corporate video production

Often companies have video footage that needs to be put in a creative, professional way to be utilised. What’s the point in having un-edited videos and not using them?! From event coverage, product/services promotion to customer testimonials video is a great way to promote your business on the largest search engines like YouTube, your website or social media pages. Video provides a huge advantage for your search engine optimisation.


Let us help you film your video, edit it and upload it to the platform of your choice for maximum web marketing effect. We'd love to show you how Virtual Reality and 360 video marketing could help you get your message across in a way that's sure to impress your customers.

If you are interested in working with us in the world of Digital Marketing, don't hesitate to contact us on

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