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Social Media Services and Management to help your business reach, engage and influence your target audience from Cardiff to Aberystwyth.

Social Media Management made easy for you.


Social media is here to stay, social media in the business World is here to stay too.


Social media is central in helping you to engage with your online community and it happens to be what we do best.


Your business isn't on social media? Why the nuts not? If you don't think you have the time or the know how to deliver a strong social media presence for your business then let us do it for you.


We start with a social media strategy, we create posts, engage with clients and give you detailed reports.


For an affordable monthly cost, based on your budget and your goals we post what you, want when you want. We engage with your following and gather leads for you to then pursue.


As well as working with you, we also demonstrate and teach you the correct practice of posting on social media, ensuring your message stays with your brand tone of voice.


From custom designs for your profiles to the management of all your social media content let us help you get more business through social media in Aberystwyth, Cardiff or wherever you are.




One of the biggest social networks in the World and businesses have a place here too.


Creating a page is just the start, it's then about creating content and posting it at the right time to the right people.



Another of the big boys of Social Media and the reach is endless.


We can create visual content for this platform that will get you noticed, reach new leads and gather information on your industry.





The more professional platform of the social media group, but there is still need for your business to be part of it.


Post regularly based on your business and staff, post job vacancies and share other industry news to your following.



| The Advanced Guide

| To Social Media

| By Red Squirrel Marketing


Want to learn more about Social Media for business? Our ebook offers you tips and tricks to get your Social Media cooking on gas!

More likes, more followers, better content, better posts and ideas on what to post next.

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