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The very boring but very essential Terms and Conditions with Red Squirrel Marketing.

On receipt of your enquiry for marketing services we will provide you with a written quotation setting out the services you require (Services) including the deliverables to be produced in the provision of the Services (Deliverables) our price and any other information we deem necessary (Quotation).

Before we commence the provision of the Services we require you to provide us with a purchase order or a written acceptance of our Quotation (Order).

Your Order constitutes an offer by you to purchase the Services in accordance with these Terms. Your order will only be deemed accepted when we issue you with a written acknowledgement of order or commence provision of the Services at which point a contract will come into existence between us upon these Terms (Contract).

Please note any quotation given by us remains valid for up to 30 days from date of issue only.

It is important that you consider the contents of your Order carefully as the Services will be supplied in accordance with the Order.  You are responsible for notifying us if you think there is a mistake or require any changes to it.  We will confirm any changes in writing to avoid any confusion between us.

Once your Order has been accepted by us should you cancel the same, you will be liable to pay for all Services delivered up to the date of cancellation and for any costs and expenses incurred by us in the performance of the Services up to the date of cancellation (including but not limited to the costs of any labour or materials).

Without prejudicing our rights mentioned above in respect of cancellation, we would in particular like to bring your attention to the fact that if we provide design services (including website designs and part builds) to you as part of the Services and you elect not to proceed with any Deliverables you will be liable to pay for all Services delivered up to the date of cancellation of your Order.

We will provide the Services in accordance with your Order using reasonable skill and care.

We will in the provision of the Services provide you with proofs, mock ups and other preliminary materials which we will require you to approve before we proceed to the next stage of performance of the Services.

Unless otherwise agreed our charges will include the cost of first stage proofs.  Should you require further proofs, you may incur an additional charge at our then current rates.

We will use all reasonable endeavours to meet any performance dates set out in the Order but such dates are estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the performance of the Services.

To enable us to perform our obligations under the Contract you will:-

  • cooperate with us in all matters relating to the provision of the Services;

  • provide us with clear, timely and accurate instructions;

  • comply with our reasonable instructions;

  • provide us with such information, art or design works, content and documentation as we may reasonably require and ensure such information is accurate and complete in all material respects;

  • promptly notify us of any inaccuracies in any information supplied by you and supply us with the correct information;

  • where you are supplying any artwork, content or materials you will ensure the same are made available to us within specified timescales to enable us to perform our obligations under the Contract. You warrant that you are the owner of all rights in the Materials or are duly authorised to allow us to use the same in the provision of the Services;

  • unless we have agreed to obtain the same on your behalf, you will be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals, licences, consents or permissions to enable us to perform our obligations and you will comply at all times with such approvals, licences, consents or permissions;

  • ensure any database which you require us to use in the provision of the Services contains names and contact information which are true and accurate and does not include the names and contact information for those customers/clients or potential customers/clients who have asked to be removed from the said database;

  • ensure that any content you supply to be incorporated in the Services does not infringe any applicable laws or regulations or third party rights and is not deemed indecent, obscene, discriminatory or offensive in any way. We reserve the right to refuse to incorporate any such content in the Services.

Our Charges for carrying out the Services are set out in the Quotation (Charges).

Our Charges are exclusive of VAT.

Our payment terms are set out in the Quotation.  If no payment terms are stated in the Quotation or otherwise agreed in writing we will invoice you monthly and payment of our Charges must be made within 14 days of the date of our invoice or on date set in invoice.  Any query in relation to our invoice must be raised within 48 hours of the date of our invoice otherwise our invoice shall be deemed accepted by you.

Payment by you of all sums due shall be made in full without deduction, set off or counterclaim.

All agreements are agreed in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month periods. Cancellation of an agreement should be made in writing 60 days before cancellation of the service, any monies still owed after cancellation should be made within 14 days.

We love to show off our work for you, so we reserve the right to display all aspects of our creative work, including sketches, work-in-progress designs and the completed project on our portfolio and in articles on websites, in magazine articles and in books.

On any website we design, build or maintain we reserve the right to keep our name and link on such website and this cannot be removed without prior consent or permision.

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