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We love working with local businesses in Aberystwyth and the Aberystwyth Cycle Festival is no different. We're not as totally nuts about cycling as they are, but we do have a passion for digital marketing and a goal of helping businesses in Aberystwyth get the very best from their digital marketing efforts.


The Aberystwyth Cycle Festival is a celebration of cycling in Mid Wales, including town centre criterium racing, downhill mountain biking and a mass participation ride - the Continental Welsh Wild West Sportive, covering all the best roads in Ceredigion.

The need

What does every cycle festival need? Cyclists! And in the case of Aber Cycle Fest, we offered to help extend their reach by engaging in some digital marketing tactics such as social media management and clear engaging marketing material.


Our help

We initially began by helping the festival with its branding and graphic design for the Sunday event 'The Welsh Wild West', designing a mock up of the route for promotional material. We then created a promo video to share via social media to raise awareness and to show the event to potential sponsors.


The video​ was a great hit with locals in Aberystwyth and a greater audience online who watched it on Twitter and Facebook, such is the success there are talks to show the commercial on S4C to further promote the event in Wales. Watch the video now

The result

The stats speak for themselves, with an extra 200 likes, a staggering 50k reach and over 10k in Facebook post engagements in a 28 day period of organic growth. You can read more about these stats in our blog for the event.

Here’s what Aberystwyth Cycle Festival had to say

 “We wanted to strike a working partnership with a marketing agency from an early stage

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