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Red Squirrel Marketing was born in late 2015, early 2016 after 8 years of being a marketing executive and manager at various businesses in Wales; Damian Burgess decided it was time to go it alone to help more businesses.

Since then Damian has helped over 100 SME's from Aberystwyth and Cardiff in marketing their brand and business online, from websites, video, graphic design, social media, digital marketing and traditional marketing material.

Now with a team of freelancers, it's time to offer professional digital and traditional marketing to any size business in Wales, delivering results and standards in marketing, design and video.

Most people are surprised to learn that Red Squirrel Marketing is run by one person full time, we also work with freelancers on various projects too and as experts in social media, graphics design, branding and video design we practise what we preach and love it! If you need any more info or want to meet to discuss a project then contact us.

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