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The Commodore Cinema is an Aberystwyth institution. There aren’t many people in the town who haven’t visited to watch their favourite film at this family run, independent cinema. The Commodore came to us to for a fresh new website and a plan for engaging with their customers via social media.


The need

The old website wasn’t mobile friendly, lacked a clear brand identity and often links weren’t inaccurate for the online ticket booking system. This doesn’t help when more and more people are wondering what to do or watch on a Friday or Saturday night.


Our help

So what did we advise…a new mobile friendly website that clearly tells viewers what’s on, what’s coming soon and an easy way to book tickets online. To aid bookings, we also advised an engaging social media plan using Facebook and Twitter to promote what films are coming up and to promote the personality behind this Aberystwyth institution.


The result

The first week of social media activity resulted in 100+ more Facebook likes, over 9,000 people reached in Aberystwyth, 185 comments and over 20 shares not to mention the extra bums on seats at the premier of the Beauty and the Beast.

Here’s what The Commodore Cinema had to say

 “Red Squirrel Marketing have done a great job. We love the new website – it looks fresh, modern and works a treat! The process was a lot smoother than we anticipated also. A couple of weeks and it was ready to go. We’ve had some great feedback on the social media too; it takes the headache away for us as a team to focus on running the cinema.”

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