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SEO services for your business, search engine optimisation training and copywriting in Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Wales

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it's referred to is the science behind your website.


How? Simple, if you have a great website and you want people to find it SEO is key. There are so many other businesses potentially selling the same as you so you need to stand out. 

By tactfully optimising your website with the right keywords in the right place, using the right URL or domain name, populating your blog with key information that people are currently searching for will give your website the best chance at standing out by appearing at the top of the Google Search list.

Hold no misconceptions though, SEO isn’t a one time fix – you’ve got to keep it up to date and monitor search volumes and competitors to stay ahead of the game.

Avoid expensive mistakes by targeting the wrong keywords

We come across so many business that target the wrong keywords (often because theyre so highly involved in their industry they don’t think about what a potential customer is searching for in Google. For example we categorise our products into interior and exterior plants HOLD ON! Did you know that people are actually searching for Indoor and Outdoor plants, this can make all the difference!)


Important SEO keyword research services

We can give you all the answers before you start building your new website, like:

  • Are any of my competitors focusing on particular keywords?

  • How many people search each month for this particular phrase?


Are you interested to learn more?

Simply fill in our form below and we will call you to discuss your requirements. Whether you have a website already and would like a site audit (starting from as little as £90) or if your’re starting the process of investing in a website make sure you aren’t chasing keywords that don’t have much search volume or don’t generate your target customer or even keywords that your budget can’t compete with. We can give you the factual information you need for your SEO strategy whether you are in Cardiff, Aberystwyth or anywhere in Wales.

Make sure you are chasing the right keywords. Speak to a member of our team today on SEO keyword research services now

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