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Website SEO for your business, South Wales to West Wales, Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Newport and Swansea

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Attracting traffic, engaging visiors, creating new customers – all of the elements youre trying to achieve with your website right?


So why is Search Engine Optimisation SEO copywriting so often overlooked?

You’ve spent a lot of money on your website to make it look and reflect your business brand but you don’t have the right copywriting within it. This is a huge error – this copy is the bones of your website the part that convinces your website visitors to deal with your business and it will also help put your website as one of the first to be found in Google searches.


How does SEO copywriting improve your Google rankings?

Every page on your website should have copy that has search engine optimisation in mind. Great design and graphics will keep them on your website page but you need to get them there first. 

Nutty tip: Search engines can only read text so make sure its great.

Keywords are vital, write copy that your target customers are using. We know the science behind where to put these keywords to grow your website traffic and increase its visibility.


Think of SEO copy as your Sales Pitch

Yes it’s very important to focus on the right keywords but don’t spam the  page with them so that its impossible to read. It still needs to flow and follow a certain rule to stay engaging and prompt visitors to make the next step.


Interested to know more?

It’s not just great websites we can supply but we can take over your blog updates too. Maybe you just don’t have enough time to keep it up to date, or it’s not giving you the SEO results you hoped for. We can take care of it as a one-off or on an on-going basis Cardiff, Aberystwyth or anywhere in Wales.


If you want SEO copywriting that will help you boost your Google rankings then contact us on

We can review your existing copy or start it fresh.

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