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Did you notice that these 10 companies changed their logo design recently?

2015 saw the overhaul of some significant brands from Google to Spotify. A well-executed new logo can inject a bit of life into a company and drive a wave of sales. Is it time for you to give your logo a facelift?

Google changed its logo significantly for the first time in 16 years, replacing a dated serif font with a cleaner one whilst still staying synonymous with the brand.

Music-streaming service Spotify underwent a much-needed logo update in 2013, and in 2015 gave it a fresh new colour scheme.

Facebook also updated their logo design.

Had you noticed hotel chain Best Western amended their logo design to a more 3D look for its icon?

How often do you drink Coors light beer? And did you notice this new contemporary logo design?

Fast food chain giant Kentucky Fried Chicken also went for an uplift on their logo design recently.

Our well-loved Marks & Spencer’s also went for a new sleek look in 2015 with an adaptation of their logo design.

F1 fan? Then you’ve definitely noticed the new Red Bull logo design for the 2016 season! In case you haven’t its dropped the Infiniti signage it has carried with the team name since 2013. Aside from the removal of the Infiniti name the main part of the logo looks the same as before, only with “Formula One Team” added below.

BBC Three reveals new logo design ahead of its move online. The new logo design is made up of two white bars and an exclamation mark on a pink background.

I have a family member that’s #nutsaboutjohnniewalkerwhisky do you? Check out their new logo design with a more detailed character and contemporary luxury-label lettering meant to appeal to a young, sophisticated audience.

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