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Social Media Management for your business

At my first marketing job many many years ago in Cardiff, social media was a tough sell. The business I worked for had a dated website, everything was done via letter or individual email and social media wasn’t even in their thoughts.

When I prompted a few senior members of the team that we needed a Facebook, twitter and YouTube page I was pretty much laughed at. “what do we need to use them for” and “oh I don’t think its very good for our image to be on those”

My jaw dropped, but I went and did what any new, keen, enthusiastic and rule-breaking executive would do. I set up the pages, started following some relevant people or pages and got the ball rolling.

Two years after starting the pages we hit over 2000 followers, 1500 likes and a few hundred subscribers. We followed this with a new website, a rebrand and new logo; this company had come kicking and screaming in to the 21st Century.

So 3 years on from that and I’m still amazed when a business says they don’t want to be on social media, some say because none of their clients are on social media or because they think its for a younger generation only.

Some have a valid reason of no time, why set up a page when you can't add content to it, but few of them realize if you are efficient with your time a post every day or every other day is all you need.

For those businesses that need social media, want social media but still have limited time or knowledge to do so, Social Media Management is a perfect option.

Social Media Management (SMM) isn’t just handing over your Twitter and Facebook to a company and they automate 30 tweets for the next 30 days (if that is what your paying for, please stop and save yourself). SMM is freeing up your time, taking expert advice and generating interest in your business or brand. It also increases interaction with you followers, helps you stay at the forefront of what is the best practice on all the social media platforms as well as providing you with data and analytics on how your pages are performing.

We at Red Squirrel Marketing offer SMM for any size business, we can manage your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram as well as many other platforms to gain more genuine followers, send more information and engage more with your current followers.

If you want to know more on what we can offer for Social Media Management for your business please email

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