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Mars facing backlash after an England only marketing campaign

A Mars bar a day, not in sunny Wales it seems as a possible boycott on Mars products after the chocolate maker decided to support England only in the build up to the European Championships in France next month.

The #believe Campaign, with TV advert and the mini advert on twitter has come in for strong criticism as Mars seems to have forgotten about the other home Nations competing at this years Championships. Here is a link to the MarsFootball twitter ad

A spokesman for Mars UK said: "Our new #Believe campaign is all about tapping into the excitement and buzz of the biggest football tournament of the year. We have a partnership with The FA, but the spirit of the #Believe campaign extends beyond that, to Wales and across the home nations, to encourage fans to get behind their country and show that they #Believe they have what it takes to do well."

We thought we would show Mars how easy it would have been to just include a small cameo for Wales in it’s campaign, 30 minutes lunch break was all that was needed to create a short twenty second twitter commercial. Take a look.

Is this the only England only campaign currently running during the Euros? Let us know if you spot any others.

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