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Quick Social Media Tips

Ready for some quick tips on being social, good let's go!! You have a business, you have social media for the business, but do you have a plan? You have a plan for everything else so why not social media?

Here are some quick tips for your social media marketing..

In at number 1, have a plan! Creating a social media marketing plan will set you up for success, and will allow you to avoid any social media mistakes. You need a plan for when things are going fine but a plan also when things go wrong... also communicate this plan to anyone else who manages or looks after your social media.

At number 2, engage! If people are communicating with you, talk back to them. Say hello, answer their questions and simply reach out to a new follower with a thank you. Don't just bombard people with sell sell sell, have fun, talk to people and engage.

Final quick tip is use scheduling but know when not to use it and don't rely on it! If you schedule a few tweets and facebook posts then great but don't be a robot account. One of the worst examples are when a business schedules a post for a #bizhour like #yagym (Yr Awr Gymraeg every Wednesday 8-9pm on twitter) they tweet to be part of the hour but then never retweet or engage with other users of the hour. ROBOTIC!

Hope these quick tips are of use to you, take a look at our other posts for more tips on social media and remember if you need your social media managed by us like many other businesses then drop us an email

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