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Collaborative design work with clients

Branding and logo design, every business needs it but for few small businesses it’s a rushed job just to get the business name out there and in the public domain.

We have had quite a few clients ask how soon they can get the design finished? It’s no issue but a well thought out logo and branding may take longer now it will save you time and money in the long run.

One of our recent projects was working with Animal Behaviour Solutions; they had a rough idea of what they wanted as a logo but no clear direction with it. In our logo design process we asked what colours, shapes or elements they didn’t want and worked from there.

We made 4 rough sketch ideas, trying to show a distinct difference between them all and then we made 2 other sketches refining the logo designs. The client was always informed of any changes and was asked for input at every stage, we want the client to feel that they have designed the logo while still giving our professional opinion on the design.

The final outcome of the Animal Behaviour Solutions logo was a clean and modern logo, unique to the clients and exactly what they wanted, the logo now creates a stepping stone for their branding and stationary as well as their website.

If your business needs a new logo, a rebrand or just assistance with design elements and advert design then please get in touch.

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