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Give your website a boost with a health check

Things change in the digital world really quickly which means websites need to move with those changes.

Don’t let your website get left behind and invest in a website audit.

We have developed several packages for website audits dependent on how in depth you want to know about how your website is performing and what you can do to improve it.

The process

1. Firstly we assess where your website is today – how its performing across site engines, usability, customer experience, links etc...

2. The message or functionality you designed your website to perform and see if it is meeting this criteria. This involves looking at the website content in the user’s eyes and the Googlebot. It has to be well written and should have a keyword focus. What we mean by that is ensuring the key terms that people may use to search for your business on Google appear on your site. If Google can see there is a page on your site which delivers trustworthy information regarding that query it is more likely to give you a good ranking on their search listings.

3. Design. Great website design is key but so is how it works. It needs to be as little effort as possible for the user to find what they’re looking for. By using various tools to monitor how your site is being used we can look to optimise this experience for your users.

Website Audits from £90

Interested? Email us on

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