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To edit or not to edit?

Are you using twitter for business? Or personal use for that matter, have you ever had to delete a tweet that you made a grammatical error or forgot to mention someone? Would have been easier to just edit the tweet surely like we can with facebook posts and comments.

But is editing a tweet really an answer for twitter and it’s longevity? Not being able to edit tweets has always been a pain for many users. Twitter is a reactive live platform, and if you want to be first you have to be quick. And we all know what “quick” leads to: typos, bad links and the wrong images.

Some say take your time and check your tweet before you post, others say just delete the tweet and start again. But what if you tweet live and have 20 retweets only to notice a spelling error?

Some ideas floating around are to give tweets time limits to be edited, a certain number of characters only or maybe a certain amount of tweets per month to be edited by a single account.

What do you think twitter will do? And do we need the option?

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