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It's ALL about giving!

Today walking from a coffee shop to a meeting I walked passed a hair salon, then another, then another. These three hair salons I've walked passed for three consecutive days and on all three occasions they've had a grand total of one client.

So as a marketing person I thought what's going wrong? Maybe it's bad timing? Maybe they are fully booked later today? Or maybe they're just not marketing themselves! None of the hair salons have a website and only one of them has a social media presence.

I decided to call in to each of them and introduce myself, without a sales pitch I offered all of the businesses my help. Guess what? One of them took me up on my free marketing on what they could do to get bums on seats.

For the other two hair salons I would offer these three tips: 

  • Get on Social Media

  • Get a website

  • If you're new in town, offer some FREE haircuts to show off your brand and skills

Over to you, enjoy being busy! ;)

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