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LIVE support online... How can we help?

Over the last few weeks we have been working on our LIVE chat feature on our desktop website, we already offer support in live chat via Facebook, Twitter and messenger as well as being lightning fast in replying to any email questions too.

No we are offering the same support on our website, not using any bots or automation we can see when our users are online and if they need any help there and then we are ready to help.

Some of our website visitors have already spotted the chat icon in the bottom left (bottom right in the first week) and have been engaging with us as well as offering feedback.

We look forward to helping more and more businesses and we think this offers another level to the already high standard of customer support we offer, theres no cost or catch to this feature. You have a question just fire away, and if we can't get to you during the LIVE chat we will email you with advice.

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