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Is your website in need of a spring clean?

Spring time. Clean time. Have you given your home the once over yet? We’ve not got round to the house but for us at Red Squirrel Marketing it means helping our clients give their websites a refresh ready for upcoming summer campaigns.

Take a look at our four simple, spring clean tips for your website this month (and believe us, they’re not as tasking as that home clean)

1. Spruce up your Google Analytics

Check out your vital visitor statistics – audience engagement, number of visitors and what pages they viewed and what they do on them. Google Analytics is extremely valuable when putting together a digital marketing strategy.

2. Organise your social life

Do you have too many social media channels and not enough content? Remember that less is more – is there any point directing people to your YouTube channel if you hardly ever upload any videos? Of course, social channels help for search purposes, but we would advise only to promote the ones you’re active on.

3. Dust off your content

Firstly, make sure your blog posts are up to date and it’s not been an age since you last posted one. Failing to do this gives the impression that your website is out of date and that there’s a lack of care and attention. Develop a content strategy for posting at least twice a month and the dust won’t settle.

4. Keep your case studies fresh

Like your blog section on your website, make sure case studies are also added to regularly. Case studies will give you the opportunity to have a discussion with potential customers about work you have done and want to shout about. Showcase your best work!

If you think you need some help spring cleaning your website or decluttering your social media , get in touch and we’ll be happy to help! We can offer Google Analytics training, content creation or ideas from case studies to blogs. You can also request a free digital audit if you’d like us to evaluate how well your website is performing.

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