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Social Media Management with Facebook

It is great to see clients that we work with develop their own knowledge of social media while we work with them and their business pages and accounts. Let's look at our Facebook business page social media management with one of our new clients in Aberystwyth.

A quick screen grab of a clients Facebook analytics from the last 28 days, this is our first month helping the client and co managing the page with them.

As well as helping with content creation and ideas we post and respond to any engagement on the page. This is also accompanied by posts from the client themselves who will add photos of products or answer any technical questions that are posted to the page.

As well as co managing the page with the client we are always educating the client on how best to use the page and social media in general.

The next step for our client is Facebook ads, a small amount to begin with with a look to increase the spend over time.

Drop us a message if you would like some help with your Facebook page or Facebook ads.

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