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Bring your Bitmoji to life 😜📲

Snapchat’s World Lens feature has been around for a while now, the World Lenses apply filters intelligently to the world around you using augmented reality and your phone’s camera. Now your little Bitmoji can be part of the fun, you can take your animated avatars of yourself and drop them into your surroundings; sound cool yeah?? Go try it quick!!! 📲

You can do things like have your avatar find signal on a coffee table, play the guitar in the kitchen, watch it land some skateboard tricks on the grass, or just show it hanging out. The Bitmoji animations will anchor where you place them in realtime, letting you walk around your Bitmoji to get a different angle (please go try it now) and they can be scaled up or down in size. They really do look like they’re interacting with the real world, which is itself an awesome technical achievement.

My thoughts of how this can benefit businesses, watch out for a feature allowing businesses sponsor or sell Bitmoji clothing.... who wants a #nutsabout tshirt?

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