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IT Movie campaign goes down a treat in Aberystwyth for Commodore Cinema

We have been helping the Commodore Cinema in Aberystwyth with their marketing and website for over 9 months now, social media, online campaigns and local advertising the promote all the new films a the cinema.

To promote the new IT Movie that was coming to Aberystwyth this month we planted balloons around the town, yes red balloons like in the IT Movie. On the balloons were a tag to promote the cinema and the new movie as well as giving people a chance to win tickets if they shared their image.

The campaign worked better than we could have expected, not only creating a buzz online with the post reaching over 11,000 timelines on Facebook along but the screenings of the movie we almost a sell out for the first four nights.

As well as great hit on social media, people who saw the campaign visited the website with up to 200 visits per day, up 50 visits and70% of these were through social links.

We look forward to helping the Commodore in the future, especially with the new Star Wars movie coming to Aberystwyth in December, film of the year!

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