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Nike sells out on Snapchat

We've spoken about selling on social a few times this month, our work with businesses in Cardiff, Aberystwyth and anywhere else in the UK on social media is all about a positive return on investment.

Our blog post last week spoke about the new Snapchat store built within the app, they've now given us a glimpse of whats to come with it's partnership with Nike, Shopify and Darkstore.

Nike has become the first brand to sell a product directly through the Snapchat app at the NBA All-Star game after party, users could scan exclusive Snap codes to purchase the Air Jordan III “Tinker” shoe.. all in the app! Seamless!

While it’s unlikely that Snapchat will make a significant amount of money from its own merchandise, the introduction of brands selling products on its platform could boost engagement and sales for media platforms and respected labels all around.

“What we launched with Snapchat and the Jordan Brand was a preview of what will become a paradigm,” said Lee Hnetinka, CEO of Darkstore. “Imagine an ad on a bus stop with a Snapcode or a Snapcode on an advertisement or next to a product in a store, and it is delivered within hours. That’s what Snapchat [and] Darkstore enables.”

Is this what snapchat needs after the recent poor press? Will businesses and brands head back and spend money on the platform? We love this feature and possibilities it open to not only the larger brands but also smaller local businesses who can use any attention they have on snapchat.

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