Easter Marketing Campaigns

A number of businesses we work with in Cardiff or Aberystwyth plan various marketing campaigns months in advance, some campaigns are to move with current trends or topics. We have launched a number of Easter campaigns already this year for businesses in the food and retail industry, we also had a last minute request in this week.

Tuesday 12.39pm - Client calls, needs digital campaign for this weekend..

Time to come up with a campaign idea, how to deliver with limited time and for there to be a positive ROI..

Tuesday 1.18pm - Campaign idea ready, delivery decided and within a budget to suit the client..

Client reaction...

Obviously given more time and more notice we could have maybe added to the campaign, created a 4 - 6 week build up to the Easter weekend but we'll save those ideas for next year.

Client happy, campaign ready to go, watch this space!!

CIM Qualified

CAM Qualified

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