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Social Media Marketing in Aberystwyth

Meeting businesses on my home office doorstep in Cardiff is great, I love making the trip west to Aberystwyth too to meet clients and new businesses to talk to them about social media and how it can help grow their business.

This week I travelled to Aberystwyth to meet with current clients, to go over marketing strategies, plan upcoming campaigns and it was great to meet new businesses too.

Discussing the benefits of either a new website or a marketing strategy with clients is great, but discussing social media with some new businesses is even better. Taking the time to break down social media, one platform at a time with each new business and to see where they could benefit is where i get the kicks.

This Friday was a day full of meetings back to back from later in the morning to later in the afternoon, five coffees and one beer later my work in Aberystwyth was done, the businesses and people I speak to always come away from each meeting having learnt at least one thing, whether it be about their business or marketing their business. Sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to see where the business can go next and what it could do more in it's digital marketing.

More session next week in Cardiff talking to various businesses about their own digital marketing, some workshops are also being set up in Cardiff and Aberystwyth to help as many businesses as possible understand social media and the many benefits it has for them.

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