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The face behind the name

I have met with so many businesses over the last week at Award ceremonies, conferences, networking events and at the Digital Festival in Cardiff, most say the same thing "we have connected on social media but I didn't know what you looked like" Part of that is my fault, I don't really put my face out there all too much and maybe I should who knows. (I have added a few extra photos of me below to make up for it lol

After speaking to these businesses and many more at a workshop I hosted last week at the Zokit SpringConf some have asked me about my story of how I got to hear today and what's my story? After letting people know about me, what I do and where I started they all said I should share this and let more people know about Damian Burgess and Red Squirrel Marketing.

Best place for me to give you that story is on my blog, so hear are some small key facts about me really quick...

  • I can speak Welsh (should speak more of it)

  • I'm a Level 3 UKCC Professional Squash coach

  • I'm a Level 3 Personal Trainer

  • I had my own squash coaching and clothing company Orange Squash

  • I lived in Caerphilly most of my life

  • I once competed in a bodybuilding event in 2016 (have the pics to prove it)

  • I have a little boy who's 8

  • I have been married for nearly a year

At University I studied Interactive Motion Design, after uni i worked for Squash Wales as their PR, Marketing and general social media manager for over 2 years, after that I worked for a number of companies as a marketing exec and manager before going it alone in late 2015.

(Image above from my talk at Digital Swansea)

I have always been involved in marketing and design on a freelance basis since 2008 but never really put my all in to it and never really got much out of it, then one day I put a business name to myself and success happened pretty quickly; the rest as they say is history!

(Image above is Tracey from Introbiz and myself after joining the networking group)

It's great meeting different people and businesses every day in my job, it's also great being your own boss, choosing your work place and sometimes being able to work in your PJ's.. (not very often)

If you want to meet and discuss your marketing needs or just need some advice, drop me a message or give me a ring.

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