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Brand Uplift for Iconic Royal Pier

The iconic Royal Pier in Aberystwyth will be known to everyone who has visited the seaside town, built in 1865 it is Wales' oldest Pier and was one of 14 designed by Eugenius Birch. After some restoration in 1896 it was re opened by the Prince of Wales and renamed the Royal Pier.

It has had a number of uses over the years and has always been a popular attraction to the town, it is still popular today and boasts a nightclub, pub, restaurant and arcades room as well as hosting a number of events including dodgems and student nights.

The current front of the building is currently being looked at for regeneration and to return the building to its former glory with a stripped back look. Mr Hughes of Hughes Architects said the work would update the signage and facade, which hasn't been renewed since 1987. "Our designs take into consideration the pier as it was when it was opened in 1865, restoring the entrance sympathetically, returning it to its former glory," he said.

With the plans in place to restore the front of the building they wanted to also refresh the brand and move away from the old crown logo to something more befitting the iconic building.

The plan was to take the stain glass window front and turn this in to a graphical logo to sit above the typeface of the business, creating a lasting brand.

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